Egg on your, er, house

We shouldn't find this hilarious, but... we do. Google Street View caused a fuss when it came to the UK last year, you may recall, but as is so often the way with such fusses, the concern was all in the newspapers and not really in people's minds.

In Germany, though, the concern is real. Whether it's their totalitarian past or tendency to climb naked into cars in their driveways, the Germans have complained about Street View in record numbers. The result is that thousands of houses are blurred out in Germany's Street View maps.

Blurring your house, though, does two things. It stops people knowing what colour curtains you have, getting a glimpse at your living-room dresser, etc. However, it also sends a clear signal to the world that you are someone who complained to Google about Street View.

Which to Google-loving German vandals looking for a laugh, is like painting a target on your door. Yes, bizarre as it may seem, some German youth have appointed themselves Google's avengers and begun egging houses that are blurred out on Street View. To make sure the victims know exactly why they're being, er, victimised, the youths are even taping notes to the doors that say 'Google's cool.'

What do you think - is this hilarious comeuppance for luddite, Anti-American prudes? Or the needless vilification of the old and vulnerable? Or both?

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