Can't wait to get your hands on an NGP, Sony's new portable games console? Well, tough. You may have to. In fact, you may have to wait until 2012.

That's the terrifying possibility raised this week by Sony Computer Entertainment of America president Jack Tretton. He was discussing the impact of the earthquake in Japan last month and he said that the effects of the quake on Sony's production facilities might mean the NGP only launches in one region - Asia, the US or Europe - in 2011. Now, we might have got the 3DS four days before the Americans, but the Japanese got it a full month before that, and we'd be surprised if the NGP was any different. So we think if this comes true, both us and the yanks could be doing without NGPs in our Christmas stockings.

Which sucks! Maybe it's worth investing in an Xperia Play after all...

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