Economical printing with laser printer - How to save ink in 3 ways

Economical printing with a laser printer is not only possible, it's what a laser printer is designed to do. This efficiency explains its higher initial cost of purchase but obviously, the cost pans out to be more affordable than other kinds of printers in the long run.

Prints more pages with the same amount of ink

When you compare a laser printer with a bubblejet printer, the former can print more pages than the latter, with the same amount of ink.

Use a monochrome laser printer

A monochrome printer prints in black ink only. By using ink of only one colour, you save. By buying a monochrome laser printer, the cost is only a little more than that of a bubblejet printer (although the latter can print in colour) but the printing efficiency is so much better.

Adjust the printer settings

Print in 'draft' quality

Change the print quality here. Different printer software uses different terms. For instance, the settings may say 'draft', 'standard' and 'high' quality. 'Standard' is the default option. If you are printing for personal use rather than a formal letter that you will send out, 'draft' suffices. The ink tone will be grey rather than black but it's good enough for people with normal eye sight.

Set printing profiles

After you have been printing for a while, it's quite likely that you will notice that you prefer a certain printing quality for certain print jobs. If so, skip the hassle of adjusting the quality manually every time by creating profiles.

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