Eccentric Software millionaire on the run from Belize Police

So how many of you are running a McAfee anti -virus on your computer right now?

Well the founder of the software company, John McAfee is wanted by police in Belize on suspicion of having murdered his neighbour, American expat Gregory Faull who was found dead on Sunday. Faull, who was last seen alive on Saturday night, filed a formal complaint on Wednesday against McAfee over his "roguish behaviour," his penchant for firing guns, and his apparent unwillingness to manage his dogs. According to McAfee, the dogs were poisoned on Friday night, a fact that does him no real favours on the motive front.

According to the police report Faull's body was found at 7:20am by his housekeeper with a single gunshot wound to the back of his head. A 9mm Luger shell was found on the stairs and there was no sign of forced entry, although an iPhone and laptop are missing from the scene.

The eccentric millionaire has disappeared into hiding and is now on the run. Stopping only for essential supplies and phone calls to the press, McAfee has made a series of statements.

"I barely knew him. I barely spoke ten words to him in the last three years. Certainly he was not my favourite person and I was not his. He was a heavy drinker and an annoyance. But the world is full of annoyances; if we killed all of our annoyances, there would be nobody left," said Mr McAfee.

Well that’s reassuring.

Asked what he knows about the shooting, McAfee said, “Nothing — other than I heard he had been shot.” He went on to add “I thought maybe they were coming for me. They mistook him for me. They got the wrong house. He’s dead. They killed him. It spooked me out.”

“Under no circumstances am I going to willingly talk to the police in this country,” he told Wired magazine. “You can say I’m paranoid about it but they will kill me, there is no question. They’ve been trying to get me for months. They want to silence me. I am not well liked by the prime minister. I am just a thorn in everybody’s side.”

"The GSU (Gang Suppression Unit) will do what the GSU does; beat me soundly until I confess to a multitude of sins, including I guess the murder of Jimmy Hoffa, and then just execute me”, he said to yet another journalist in his questionable bid to stay in front of the story.

Last year, Belize police and the GSU raided Mr McAfee's home looking for drugs and guns. McAfee said then that officers found guns, which he said were legal, and he was released without charge after being detained for a few hours.

He is now claiming that he hid in the sand with a piece of cardboard over his face to help him breathe when police raided his beachside villa Sunday after Mr Faull's body was found.

Doesn’t look like this will end well, but as the man hunt continues to build, who knows where the next twist in this bizarre tale will go.

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