eBay wins legal battle with Tiffany

eBay has won its four-year legal battle with Tiffany after a New York judge ruled that the popular online auction site cannot be held responsible for the sale of counterfeit goods via its website. District court judge Richard Sullivan ruled that Tiffany has to bear the burden of protecting its copyright.

The ruling will come as a relief to eBay after they were ordered to pay £30.6m to luxury goods group LVMH for the sale of fake versions of copyright products on the popular online auction site.

Tiffany's case against eBay started in 2004 due to the large number of counterfeit items bearing the jewellery's company's brand available for purchase on the internet. They also accused eBay of earning over £4.1m in four years from fake Tiffany products.

The decision has also been welcomed by NetChoice Coalition, a coalition of businesses that promote e-commerce, who claim that a victory for Tiffany would have resulted in the beginning of the end for the ecommerce model which eBay epitomizes.

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