Will eBay uk ever see ebox games?

The chances of eBay UK ever selling eBox games are very slim. If you are a console collector and are excited at the release of the eBox in China, you may actually never see it in the UK.

A story appeared last year about a new console that was due to launch in China. While it may not have surfaced yet, it seems that the launch is still on the cards.

The eBox is a gaming system from Lenovo that is believed will rival the likes of the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PS3. Lenovo is a 40 strong team that is working with manufacturing company Eedoo to build this gaming system. The idea is that it will work along the same line as the 'Kinect' for Xbox 360.

Every so often we see systems randomly appear and very quickly vanish again. It turns out that this console may never leave China so the odds of anyone in the UK buying this machine are very slim. It will come with 30 pre-installed games as Lenevo believe that the Chinese market will not pay for a machine and then be expected to pay separately for games.

It looks like a cross between the Nintendo wii and the older PS3. Basically it has the build of the PS3 and the colour and tray style from the Wii all running under a system similar to Kinect from Xbox. It's like someone threw the three major consoles into a blender and out popped the eBox.

If it works it could be great but our advise is don't hold your breath. The likely hood of seeing this console on eBay UK or any games for eBox are slim to none. Our guess? it will probably never surface.

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