eBay told to pay £30.6m fine

eBay has been told that it must pay £30.6m in damages to luxury goods group LVMH after fake versions of its products were flogged on the popular online auction site. The fine is the latest in a number of legal battles faced by eBay with fashion and cosmetic heavy weights.

LVMH accused eBay of failing to police their site by allowing counterfeit items to be sold as well as the unauthorised auction of specific licensed perfumes. A Paris court awarded damages of €16.4m to Louis Vuitton, €19.28m Christian Dior and €3.2m to the perfume brands rejecting eBay's objection that the individual sellers were responsible.

A spokesperson for eBay has stated that the company will appeal the decision and that the site has stepped up its attempts to remove counterfeit items from the site spending £10m on anti-counterfeit measures.

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