eBay in the news

Glancing back through the archives, we feel there hasn’t been a lot of eBay news lately. And we’re sorry to have started taking the site for granted, because it used to offer as much in entertainment as it did in value for money.

It’s amazing what people bid for. Body parts, ghosts, a sandwich bearing the image of the Virgin Mary, and even a girl’s virginity – it’s all been for sale.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that there are few surprises left.

But there’s at least one more eBay first to talk about – the first ever dinosaur for sale.

Okay, we’re going to nit-pick our fellow bloggers here and point out that a mastodon, or woolly mammoth relative, is by no stretch of the imagination a dinosaur. But phylogeny aside, it’s nice to see eBay in the news again. It reminds us of the good old days, before we became so blasé about the modern world.

Just one question, though: what’s the postage and packing rate for a mammoth?

(Image: from PinkMoose’s Flickr stream)

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