eBay and Harvey Goldsmith go toe-to-toe over touting

Led Zeppelin’s promoter Harvey Goldsmith is very, very cross with eBay’s policy of allowing concert tickets to be resold on its auction sites.

Demonstrating a firm grasp of the internets and how they work, Goldsmith told Kerrang Radio that “I wish eBay would drop dead… I will do everything I possibly can to ruin their lives.” He may or may not have then insulted eBay’s wife, asked if eBay wanted to “take this outside” and attempted to punch eBay on the nose.

The 20,000 tickets for the Zep reunion concert at the O2 were allocated by lottery to people registering online, with the lucky winners allowed to spend £125 on a ticket. On his blog, Goldsmith wrote: “It also appears to me that those who have used this for commercial gain are the ones who are protesting the most”.

Well, quite.

(Image: from rick's Flickr stream)

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