Early doors

The iPad is finally making its way to our shores, ready for release to all you suckers who lose control of all critical faculties once you see that daft Apple logo, and Jobs’ boys are apparently ready to help those of you who didn’t pre-order out, by opening their stores at 8am instead of 9am this Friday. God bless you, Apple, truly you are the shining knights of tech commerce.

The move, which is apparently an attempt to give the sad sacks who will be queuing outside the stores come Friday morning, come alongside promises to help new owners get up and running. Mind you, opening an hour earlier won’t mean people will queue an hour less at all, as those who want to be at the front of the queue will just get there earlier than before. Like, duh.

‘The Apple Retail Store is the best place to experience iPad,’ said the company in an email to Mac acolytes. ‘Have one of our Specialists show you all the amazing things it can do. If you buy one, we’ll even help you get set up and running.’

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