Eaglerise transformer FAQs

Got a question about the Eaglerise transformer? We answer your most common queries...

What are transformers?

A transformer is an apparatus that is used for reducing or increasing the voltage of an alternating current. They can be classified in a number of ways, including by power capacity, by frequency range, by voltage class, by cooling type, by application, by purpose and by winding turns ratio.

Who are Eaglerise?

Eaglerise are a Chinese company that produce and supply quality transformers, power supplies and transformer parts for the global market. Their main product lines are electromagnetic transformers, switching mode power supplies, special type transformers, distribution transformers and transformers with metal cores.

What electronic transformers can they replace?

Eaglerise transformers can be used to replace the following electronic transformers:

  • Kaoyi
  • ZCT
  • Delta
  • Sheng Bao
  • Jing
  • Neng
  • Jindle
  • Goldel
  • Hui Bo
  • San Qi

How much do Eaglerise transformers cost?

Typical UK costs are:

  • SET 60CV - £23
  • EET / SET 105CV - £25
  • SET 150CS - £32
  • EET 210CK / SET 210CS - £35

How do I contact Eaglerise?

The European branch of Eaglerise is based in Hamburg, Germany. Call them on +49 40 2198367, or email info@sunrise-trafo.de.

Where can I buy Eaglerise transformers in the UK?

GKandR4CH are the only UK stockist of Eaglerise products. They are experienced sellers that strive to offer their customers friendly service, on-time delivery and an efficient transaction. Visit their website at eaglerisetransformers.co.uk, see their eBay listings under the seller name of GKandR4CH, or contact them on enquiries@eaglerisetransformers.co.uk.

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