Features of the Eagle Electronic Transformer

Eaglerise Electric and Electronic is a Chinese manufacturing company. They started in 1992, producing power supplies and transformers. The company has 3100 employees, based in Foshan, China. The Eagle electronic transformer is one of the main product lines. Of the four categories of products, Eagle manufactures 300 types of electric transformers. Today, the company has marketing and sales business units in Hamburg, Shanghai and Los Angeles. They are large enough to compete in a global market, producing and distributing the Eagle electronic transformer.

There are a variety of electric transformers which are used in a range of electronic equipment. Also, the Eagle electronic transformer comes in multiple sizes and shapes. There are round, square and rectangular styles of transformers. These transformers are designed unique to each country's regulatory framework. The electric transformers are used in wall sockets, halogen lamps and even radios.

Eagle Electronic Transformer Set21OCS

Model Set21OCS is a round electronic transformer used for surface mounts and luminaries. The output voltage is 12 Volts. It has dimmer functionality if a dimmer mechanism is applied. The transformer features short circuit protection and thermal heat protection. Pricing for this model starts at £31.99.

European Version TUV Series

The TUV series are used in low volt, halogen lamps. The EET150LK model has an input voltage of 230 Volts. The output voltage is 12 Volts. The TUV series has protection mechanisms to lengthen the life of the halogen lamp. Protections include short circuiting protection and overheating protection. The mean time between failures (MTBF) for this model is 20,000 hours. Pricing for this model starts at £24.99.

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