EA: 'Windows Phone? Meh'

Oh dear. Poor Microsoft were caught right ahop by the rise of the BlackBerry and iPhone, which rapidly ate into the business-heavy audience for its lucrative Windows Mobile software. So the big M has gone right back to the drawing board for the latest version, the catchily-named Windows Phone 7 Series (why they didn't just call it 'Windows 7 Mobile' we don't know).

As well as a foxy new menu system and compatibility with the Zune music service, Windows 7 Series Phone also contains a little button that says 'XBox Live.' Aye-aye, what's this? Well, it turns out that Phone 7 Series Windows is a fully-blown gaming platform that hopes to compete big with the iPhone gaming market. Lots of well-loved XBox titles, including Halo, are coming to the platform.

But, but, but. There's the little matter of the world's biggest games company, Electronic Arts. They seem to have no interest in bringing their vast roster of games to the platform. 'We are constantly evaluating new platforms and opportunities, but have nothing to announce right now,' they reportedly said this week.

Which is a crying shame - I could get into a bit of FIFA on the bus...

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