DVD printer: ideal for business or leisure

Why you should own a DVD printer

It’s easy enough to transfer recordings, either audio or video, onto DVD for permanent storage. While recordable DVDs are relatively cheap, and can be purchased in large stacks, you can use a DVD printer to make your recording look more professional. This can come in useful in a variety of situations.

DVD printers can be tailored to print your logos or contact details directly onto a disc. This is obviously a far more eye-catching alternative to a blank DVD with title scrawled in smudged handwriting. Check out BestFindit (www.bestfindit.com/search/DVD-printers-1.html) for further information.

Software for DVD printers

The software to enable you to carry out this customised printing is available in a variety of outlets online. FreewareFiles (www.freewarefiles.com) offer a list of free downloadable programs allowing simple printing of CD and DVD covers.

UnderCoverXP Portable 1.23 is compatible with most operating systems – Win 9X, ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.There are also programs for printing DVD label and jewel cases – Auto DVD Labeler 1.2, and CD and DVD Label Maker 1.2.DVD printer for album covers.

Duplicate DVDs in plain covers can lead to untidy music or computer games collections, with the exact contents of each disc difficult to categorise or file alphabetically. Programs such as UltraCover 4.5.0 and DVD Cover Plus 2.0 offer a free search engine and DVD printer tool for movie, audio and video game covers. Again, this software is available right across the board of operating systems.

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