Duty bound to mention the Bafta Games Awards

The Bafta Games Awards 2008 were held at the Park Lane Hilton last night, dishing awards to the very best in video games.

Call of Duty 4 was the big winner at the ceremony, picking up the Gameplay and Story and Character awards alongside the GAME award 2008, which was voted for by the public. I'd like to register my personal disgust at Grand Theft Auto 4 not winning at least one of those awards, by the way.

In fact GTA didn't win anything in what was a very competitive year for video games. Stand out winners were Little Big Planet for Artistic Achievement, Left4Dead for Multiplayer (it's seriously terrifying, but brilliant, by the way), while Best Game was inexplicably won by Super Mario Galaxy, which while being pretty damn good, was released in 2007. Change the entrance criteria damn it Bafta.

Anyway, did I moan about GTA not winning a single award? I did? Good. And not one mention of World of Goo either. Madness

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