Where in Dublin is Playstation on Sale?

PlayStation is a video game console series that is manufactured and distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment. There have been over 7 generations of video games with the game maker. The first Play Station was introduced in 1994. Play Station consists of three consoles which include the media center, game controllers and handheld devices. The first Play Station shipped 100 million units in the first nine and a half years when it was launched. The Play Station 2 is the best selling console so far. It sold 150 million units in January, 2011.

Video Game Exchanges

Those looking for used Play Station video games would find video game exchanges useful. Consumers can go to a video game exchange and change in their used game for another one. Game exchangers will be cost effective for avid gamers and video game junkies.

Game Stop - Dublin, Ireland

Game Stop is a company that started and resides in Dallas, Texas. The company is ranked as the largest video game retailer in the world. Game Store operates over 6,500 retail outlets worldwide. In Dublin, there are over 10 Game Stop outlets. In all of Ireland, there are over 40 retail stores. If you are looking for Playstation 3 sales, Game Stop is the place to be.

Smyths Toys - Dublin, Ireland

A major producer of entertainment products in Ireland and throughout the U.K. is Smyths Toys. The company has 47 retail outlets. The retailer sells a large range of toys, including video games. Syths stores is one location where people can buy Playstation. There are 7 stores located in Dublin alone. Not only can video game enthusiast purchase Sony Playstation, they can also get all types of Playstation games as well.

Console Pros Ireland

Console Pros is an Ireland based, family run business operation that resides in Dublin. Console Pros specializes in fixing video game consoles as well as selling vide games and players. This is another location where individuals can can get a Dublin Playstation sale. The company offers Playstation spare parts and accessories as well as repairs. The business also sells the Sony Playstation, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

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