Read this before looking for DS download games for R4 cartridges

We all know how expensive video games can be these days, especially if you're a parent with more than one child who is a fan of games. At £40 for a brand new release, and many times that figure for the latest consoles and accessories, it can be very hard to ensure that your kids are kept happy and up to date with their friends, which can often lead to piracy.

However what many people don't realise is that video game piracy is a very serious copyright offence and can lead to hefty financial penalties and even jail time for offenders. When it comes to the Nintendo DS, piracy is a massive problem for both Nintendo and the game developers who create our favourite titles.

Due to the fact that games now take years at a time to create, as well as millions of pounds, the fact that a huge percentage of the 145,000,000 DS owners out there are using R4 flash cartridges means that it can be almost impossible for development studios to break even at the end of a development cycle.

Before you look for DS download games for R4 cartridges, we urge you to consider the numerous legal alternatives available to you. Rather than contributing to the criminal underworld by funding organised piracy rackets, you should check out the likes of eBay in order to find great deals on second hand DS titles. You'll be able to find titles like The New Super Mario Bros. DS, one of the most popular games, for as little as £5.00, which is a huge reduction on the regular in store price of between £25 and £30.

You'll be able to find literally any game you desire for knock down prices just by using a little internet savvy and having a bit of patience. There's no need to resort to illegal activities in order to get your gaming fix, you just need to look around to find the bargains!


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