Drug dealers strike again

If there was any justice in the world, Sports Interactive would have their own file down at Scotland Yard’s Vice Squad, and there would be a 24 hour surveillance presence watching their every move. They must not be allowed to roam the streets Scot-free after the countless hours Football Manager has taken away from 30-something men up and down the country. Their video game version of crack cocaine must be responsible for so many failed exams and sackings that surely the clink is the only place for them.

And Look! They’re at it again! Only this time they’re planning on spreading their tentacles into the world of the iPhone, making it basically impossible for you ever not to be tempted just to dip in and see if you can tempt Robert Earnshaw away from Nottingham Forest with an improved pay packet and promise of guaranteed first team football. Not only that, but it’s due to go online within 48 hours!

There is only one solution, find them, and stop them from forcing us into their world of football related spreadsheet addiction. It’s not good for ourselves, our lives or our relationships. Let us be free from this dirty, sinful vice. Run them out of town like the pack of hungry jackals they are. It’s only right.

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