Driverless Car Technology being Pioneered in Milton Keynes

Driverless car technology is something that everyone’s looking forward to getting their hands on. Admit it, when you’re tired after work or you’re down the pub and you have to order a soft drink, the thought of getting into a car that will chauffeur you home is an enticing one. Well if you’re a resident of Milton Keynes you’re in luck.

A new £1.5million project is underway to construct the very first driverless vehicle. The scheme will see autonomous vehicles which are large enough for two passengers run on specially constructed pathways in Milton Keynes. By 2015, there will be 20 of these pods which will be running between the railway station and the city centre. By 2017, there will be 100 pods running these routes at speeds of around 12mph.

Imagine being able to check your emails or texts while travelling without having to make conversation while you lift share. If the scheme is a success, it will be pushed out across other towns and cities, with the congested roads of London a primary target for the new tech. The system’s been created by Transport Systems Catapult, whose programme director said, “People basically come into Milton Keynes on the train and they want to go to the city centre, or there is a very large office community around the train station and they may actually during the day want to go into the city centre for a short period and come back.”

The Google driverless car project has already introduced this tech to the world. In California, the technology has completed more than 400,000 miles without any reported major incidents. Whether a technology that’s applicable to California’s wide open roads can work on the bustling city-like streets of Milton Keynes remains to be seen, but this is proof that driverless cars are very much on their way.

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