Dragon Age: Origins cheats, unlockables, hints and tips

Dragon Age: Origins, which was initially known simply as Dragon Age is a single player, third-person fantasy game that’s been around since 2009. If you’ve not progressed to playing the expansion pack Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening or the sequel Dragon Age 2, our Dragon Age: Origins cheats, hints and tips will help you make the most of the original game.

Console command codes

If you’d like more skill points or a higher companion approval rating, you can enter command codes that will open these and other cheats up to you. There’s nowhere within the game to input this information so you have to play around with some settings on your desk top. The first thing to do is make a shortcut on your desktop of the “daorigins.exe” file. Then go into that shortcut and under “Target add” –enabledeveloperconsole after “daorigins.exe”. Next go into “My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\Settings\”, select the line “OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::Button_X” and then change “X” to any button you want that’s not already used in the game. Save this file and then open the game through your new desktop icon. Now during gameplay press the button you’ve chosen and then input one of the following codes.

Add party member by name - runscript zz_addparty NPCname

Add to a companion approval rating, X = companion, YY = Amount - runscript zz_addapproval X YY

Adds 3 Skill Points. They are visible after saving and reloading the game. - runscript zz_add_skills3

Adds all achievments to your player profile runscript cheater

Adds both the 1H & 2H Starfang swords into the player's inventory (must have the Warden's Keep DLC) - runscript zz_starmetal_sword

Adds Jory and Daveth to party - runscript e3_addparty

Adds the following gifts to inventory: - Antivan Leather Boots, Dalish Gloves, Alistair's Mother's Amulet, Duncan's Shield, Andraste's Grace, Cute Nug - runscript zz_party_addgifts

Adds the plot sensitive party member gifts to your inventory - runscript zz_party_addgifts

Adds the talent or spell corresponding to the number to your character - runscript addtalent [number]

Adds traps to inventory - runscript zz_set_trap

Allows player to break the party companion limit - runscript zz_addparty

Allows you to set the plot flag for and start the camp ambush, as well as teleport to the first camp you make. - runscript zz_camp_debug

Brings up the Enchantment Menu - runscript zz_upgrade

Causes your character to animate a random finishing blow based on what weapon you have currently equipped. Weapons without a finishing blow will cause - runscript zz_deathblow

Creates all Dragonbone Legion armor in the PC's inventory. - runscript zz_givearmor

Creates one of every rune type, as well as the Oathkeeper Sword in the PC's inventory. - runscript zz_createrunes

Gathers all immediate party members - runscript zz_getparty

Gives the plater 1000 mana, 1000 health, 50 Strength, and 50 Dexterity - runscript zz_supercrit player

Final word

There are loads more cheats for the game that was BAFTA nominated in 2010.

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