Download Theme Hospital full game free online

Why would anyone not download Theme Hospital full game for free online? It's free! What's even better is that Theme Hospital is an absolute classic game that deserves a spot in anyone's game collection. Let's take a look at what this old school classic has to offer.

Created by the once mighty games company Bullfrog, Theme hospital took the idea of their already successful Theme Park and brought it to the ER. Theme Park was already a huge success so the clever guys at Bullfrog decided to expend the idea with a couple of variations, Theme Hospital being the favourite.

As with Theme Park it is up to you to run the structure to the best of your ability in the hope of expanding and making the best hospital possible.  Of course there are job promos so you can up and leave for brighter pastures when you feel your job is done.

In Theme Park people get annoyed with ride costs and bad food, with Theme Hospital they get sick. This introduces a whole new set of consequences that you may not have realised would affect you so much. These people lives are literally in your hands.

Even today the graphics remain super cute and colourful and the sound is still enjoyable. The main surprise is how good the core gameplay mechanics work. While this game may not have as many layers as Sim City, it seems to make you want to keep coming back. This is the true sign of a great old school game.

The good news is that once games get old, they go for free. You can enjoy this classic game for free courtesy of the guys at the Pixel Rage (pixelrage.org) website. Hit them up and get stuck into Theme Hospital, we guarantee you won't be able to put it down!


Abdo King Abdo


2012-09-21 02:07:03
Kha Liêm

I like that game.

2012-10-06 10:12:09
Paola Colombo

peores graficos no vi jamas._______.

2012-10-10 14:23:17
Shirley Thorne-Thomas

This game came out before the Sims. This game should be on top with them.

2012-11-19 05:07:41
Rosanna Esguerra Pablico

I used to play this.how can I download it for free?

2012-12-16 01:17:17
Jem Walsh


2013-01-21 15:16:19
Hadi Khan Swati

yucccccccccccccccccccccccccccck fucccccccck......................

2013-02-05 10:08:37
Houri Hina


2013-02-06 06:43:47
Jodie Calvert

ive clicked on this link and im pretty sure ive got a virus now so great one... is there anyway you can actually download this game and play it or is this just another one of those sites which try and con you?

2013-08-27 16:17:12

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