Where to download horse games free or play online

If you are a horse fanatic, the chances are that you're looking to download horse games free on the internet. There are a number of sites that offer either download for horse games, or online games that require no installation or download. Let's see what the internet has to offer the horse-loving gamer.

horse-games.org has an astounding variety of online horse games, and the beauty of this site is that the games are free to play and you won't even have to download the game files. The home page alone lists 45 free online horse games, and there's another four pages that are crammed full of horse-themed fun!

download-free-games.com has a really good selection of horse games that are available for download.  All the games are free to try, and some are completely free, forever. If you download a trial version it's a good way to see if you really enjoy the game before you spend your hard-earned cash on it. The site lists games such as Saddle Up, Let's Ride Coral ClubLet's Ride Friends Forever, and Starter's Orders. The site even features reviews by other gamers, so finding the perfect game for you is now easier than ever before.

horseracegame.com features downloadable games and online games, and is the ideal site for those of us who love the ponies. This game can be seen as a gambling game, and players can play as breeders, trainers, jockeys or even bettors!  This horse game takes gaming pleasure to the next level.


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