Looking to download games for Nintendo DS R4?

We know and appreciate that not everyone can afford to stay up to date with the very latest video games around these days. With so many top quality titles being released on a weekly basis it is impossible for anyone to fork over the money required to play them all. With games costing an average of £30 to £40 brand new, it's no surprise that many people have started looking for alternative methods to get their gaming fix.

Unfortunately, for an ever increasing number of people, these alternative solutions often involve illegal piracy such as the R4 cartridge for the Nintendo DS system. This cartridge allows you to download games illegally from the internet, copy them onto your cartridge, and play them on your Nintendo DS system.

While this might sound like a great idea on paper, you need to remember the effect that it's having on the video game industry. Despite the fact that the game industry now generates more money than the movie industry, things are very tight for many developers. It seems like every week another development studio is closing its doors having been unable to make ends meet.

While piracy isn't the only factor in these problems (the global economic downturn is certainly the major issue) it definitely doesn't help. For every one person who downloads a game illegally, a sale has been lost. Not only do these lost sales cost money, but they mean that the sales figures for games that deserved to be very successful are much lower than they should have been.

So with this in mind, we implore you to support your hobby by paying for your games rather than looking to download games for Nintendo DS R4 cartridges. If you shop around online you'll be able to find games for knock down prices at retailers like play.com and amazon.co.uk, so you needn't resort to piracy to get your fix!


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