Looking to download DSi games on an R4i card? You might want to read this first

There can be no denying that playing video games can be a hugely expensive hobby these days. Despite the fact that games are, on average, a lot cheaper now than they were ten or even fifteen years ago (who remembers the days of paying £60 for a new release like Street Fighter II for the Super Nintendo?), it seems that more and more people are turning to alternative methods of procuring their games than ever.

For some, this means buying games online in sales at knock down prices. There are certainly some fantastic deals to be had if you keep an eye on the top games retailers on the net, and you'll find prices 50-75% cheaper than you'll find in your local bricks and mortar stores. You could also use the built in Nintendo store in order to buy your DSi games. You can select from a range of classic titles, as well as brand new games for prices that start as low as just £1.99 per game - a bargain in anyone's language.

However that's not enough for many people, and instead there are more people than ever turning to piracy. With cards like the R4i card, you can download games illegally online, transfer them to your R4i card and pop them into your DSi in order to play them.

While this may seem like a great idea, we cannot stress how illegal it is. Should you look for places to download DSi games on an R4i card, you will be contributing to the ongoing struggles of video game developers. Due to the increased levels of piracy, they are finding it harder than ever to make ends meet, and that means that prices are ultimately increased for everyone.

If you take your video game playing seriously, please don't partake in piracy. We have suggested two great ways to get games for very little for your DSi, and we hope that you'll follow our advice rather than contributing to the criminal underworld with piracy!


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