Looking to download DSi games for R4i free?

Video games have become a huge industry in the past few decades, and as things currently stand, games are worth more than the entire movie industry combined. With this explosion in popularity being spearheaded by Nintendo thanks to their Wii and DS range of consoles, it's no surprise that the Japanese company find themselves as the main players in the video game market today.

However despite all their success (they have sold more than 220,000,000 units of both ranges of systems combined) Nintendo have found themselves fighting a losing battle against illegal video game piracy. It's not just Nintendo that piracy hurts, but also the developers and publishers of third party games too.

These days it can cost tens of millions in order to develop a top quality video game title for any system, as well as taking as many as three years for the most detailed games. Unfortunately the time and money spent by developers in creating the very best forms of entertainment for your consumption is being made all for nothing as more and more people turn to illegal piracy in order to acquire their games.

With things like the R4 cartridge, gamers simply need hop onto the internet, find an illegal download site and then download whatever games they like free of charge. Once downloaded, they'll copy them onto their R4i cartridge and be able to play them as much as they like without the developer ever seeing so much as a penny for their work.

This means that more and more development studios are shutting down, and it looks likely that if the current trend of piracy continues that we will no longer have the variety on offer that we do today. We urge anyone out there thinking of finding places to download DSi games for R4i for free to reconsider, and instead support the industry that has given them so much entertainment in the past few decades.


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