Looking for somewhere to download chipped PSP games?

If you've got yourself one of Sony's excellent handheld PlayStation Portable devices, then it's likely that you'll have heard about some of the methods that people use in order to download chipped PSP games. The process involved to make your PSP compatible with these games is relatively straightfoward, and involves installing a custom firmware onto the device, but before you go searching for the methods and files required in order to complete the procedure, we suggest you read on to discover why it might not be the best idea you've ever had.

The main issue surrounding these downloaded games is the fact that their usage is highly illegal. While there is a grey area surrounding their procurement and usage by those people who own legitimate store bought versions of the games in question, there is absolutely no question as to how illegal it is for anyone who is simply out for a free ride.

Video game piracy is a big problem for all the major manufacturers of consoles, as well as the developers of software. Games take years and millions of pounds to create, so to have people simply downloading the games illegally is a massive burden on the industry.

There are many resources available online where you can find illegal versions, also known as ISOs or rips, but in using them you will invalidate your console's warranty, making you unable to avail of support from Sony should you have a problem.

On top of this, you are breaking the law and can face some very hefty financial penalties, as well as looking at the potential for time in jail. Rather than stealing from the game industry, we recommend that you look at legitimate options in order to find cheap games. Your local video game store is likely to have a great selection of cut price second hand titles in stock, while eBay is also a fantastic option for those of you who simply cannot afford to pay full price for games.

Piracy is never a good option, and while it might be the easy one it can adversely affect the industry to such an extent that you might find your favourite developers going out of business in the coming years - so you'll need to ask yourself if it's really worth it.


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