Why buy a downhill Mountain Bike?

A downhill mountain bike is what you'll need to enjoy a gravity-assisted time trial mountain bike race.

Downhill mountain bike racing can be very hard, so it is always advisable to start with a little and gradually do a bit more.

The first downhill time trial race took place in California in 1976. As mountain biking grew enormously during the 80's and 90's, downhill mountain bike designers became much more innovative with bicycle designs.

A modern downhill mountain bike weighs between 16 and 19 kg and usually features full-suspension and frame geometries that lean back farther than other mountain bikes.

Downhill race bikes typically are much lower so that the bike is more stable at speed and in corners. A good downhill bike will cost from 500 euro upwards.

Downhill gear features body armour and full-face helmets. Other protective gear such as a neck brace can be added to reduce the risk of neck and spinal injury.

Within the UK most of the main downhill tracks are in Scotland or Wales, as these countries are more mountainous. Fort William in Scotland is Britain's only World Cup standard track and was the venue for the 2007 World Championships.

The Mountain Biking UK magazine is full of news and features about the biking scene.

Sites such as bikeradar.com offer advice on how to ride better and how to buy the best downhill bike in your price range.

With more and more people cycling these days, sites such as freewheel holidays.com allow people to tailor cycling holidays to their own requirements, be it leisure or competitive racing.

A downhill mountain bike can be so good and so much fun to ride that it is definitely worth taking for a spin sometime.


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