Is a Downhill Bike right for you?

A downhill bike is just one type of mountain bike that is specifically designed to handle big rocky descents.

A triple chain-set is used to give a wide set of gears to cope with fast pedalling descents over rocky terrain. Fat knobbly tyres give traction over rocks and mud.

Downhill riding is increasing in popularity as a sport. Riders use ski lifts, truck "up-lifts" or push their bikes to the top of a mountain for a fast, technically challenging descent. These are generally on purpose-designed downhill tracks.

A downhill bike is smaller than an ordinary mountain bike. This allows the rider to have greater manoeuvrability with a position designed to give rider confidence on steep and difficult terrain. Downhill bikes have slacker head tube angles and longer wheelbases for absolute high-speed stability at the cost of low-speed manoeuvrability. Downhill bikes are equipped with long travel suspension to soak up the big drops and heavy as weight is not an issue. A downhill bike is only suitable for riding downhill.

Nowadays, there are many downhill bike clubs that organise day long and even weekend events. Downhill bike riders can meet up to discuss their sport and pit their skills against each other. One such club is the Woodland Riders Downhill Mountain Bike Club in Tavistock.

eBay is a good website to search for a downhill bike. Gumtree.com is also worth checking out.

Once you purchase a downhill bike, you will never have to think of how to pass a weekend again, just jump onto your downhill bike and away you go.

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