Pre-order Double Fine Adventure / Broken Age Now

Double Fine Adventure is now called Broken Age. The point and click adventure game launched as a Kickstarter project in February 2012 raising a hefty $3.45 million from 87,000 backers. To date, it is the largest public crowd-sourced funded video game project of all time. The game is a product of Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions.

The mechanics

  • Game play

The single player video game focuses on two characters: a boy and a girl. The boy is from the future age living on a spaceship with a computer as a mother while the girl is from a fantasy village about to be sacrificed to a monster. Both are unaware of the existence of the other.

  • Platform

Double Fine Adventure will be released for Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, Android, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. It will be available as a media download.

  • Release date

The game was initially set for release in 2012, but this did not materialise. A release during the first quarter for 2013 is planned. In the 2013 Design, Innovate, Communicate, and Entertain (DICE) Summit held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, Double Fine and Ouya announced a partnership. Double Fine Adventure/ Broken Age will be first released on the Ouya console.

You can now pre-order Broken Age on their website, www.brokenage.com. $15 will get you beta access of the game on PC, Mac or Linus. Add another $15 or for $30 and you will have access to: ongoing documentary filming in full HD, private PC and Mac beta testing of the game. Once fully developed you will receive a “Steam code” or a DRM-free download for your PC or Mac.

Sweet success

Perhaps the success of Double Fine Adventure will be difficult to replicate, but it has proven that a crowd-sourced funding can work. It has surpassed the $400,000 benchmark originally targeted by its developer, Tim Schafer. With such an interesting and profitable evolution, other game developers are following suit using Kickstarter to secure pledges.

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