Looking for a cheap alternative to those old dot matrix printers?

If you have somehow managed to let time pass you by, and are still holding on to those old dot matrix printers of yours, it's definitely time to take a step into the twenty first century. While dot matrix printers may have been cutting edge back in the 80s, things have changed considerable, and it'd now probably cost you more to have your old printers collected and recycled than it would to pick up a brand new multi function, full colour replacement for your old relics.

With so many great online retailers out there, it's easy to get a little swamped when you're trying to figure out who has the best prices, so we have decided to take a look at the very best printer deals available at the minute.

At play.com you can get the excellently priced Epson Stylus SX125 Multifunction Inkjet Printer for just £25.99 including postage. This absolute steal is one of the best deals we have ever seen anywhere for a printer of any kind. It is capable of printing up to 28 pages per minute in black and 15 pages per minute in colour, wich a maximum print resolution of a more than satisfactory 5760 DPI and a media capacity of 100 sheets at any time.

If that doesn't tickle your fancy, what about the HP Deskjet 1000 Printer from amazon.co.uk which can be yours for just £25.99 including postage. This basic yet reliable printer can manage 16 pages per minute in black and 12 pages per minute in full colour... and it's Energy Star approved for low power consumption, which might tempt the greener souls among you.

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