Doors open

Facebook might be set to make headlines with a widely-expected music service at its F8 conference this week, but its new rival Google+ isn't about to let its newcomer's limelight be stolen by its veteran competitor. Google's announced a few improvements to the service, particularly to its Hangouts feature.

One of the most powerful but most slightly random aspects of the service, Hangouts is essentially a video-chat service similar to that already offered by Google's Talk service. Now, Google has brought Hangouts to mobiles, integrating it into their Android app. And those using Hangouts on the web can now share screens and collaborate on Google Docs, which looks pretty nifty.

Of course, this is a fat lot of good to you if you're one of those who haven't got invited to Google+ yet. But that's the other piece of news! Google have announced that Plus has left its 'limited field trial' (read: private beta) phase, and is now open to everyone. They've even put a whacking great arrow on their homepage to draw attention to it. So if you haven't signed up, why not do so now? Worst case scenario, you waste another hour a day social-networking...

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