Dont miss out on an Excite UK Mail account

Did you know that just one Excite UK log in gives you a free 1GB email account, with DropZone thrown in for good measure? DropZone is your very own secure space online to save files, documents, photos etc.

You also get access to Excite MIX, which lets you create your very own start page with all your favourite web content on. You can read your emails from your start page too.

When WebTwitcher logs on in the morning, my MIX page (which I've set as my start page) pops up with the latest news from the tech world, top news from the major newspapers, my favourite blogs, the podcast from my favourite radio show AND my three email accounts. So I get to see everything on one page at a glance.

Nifty stuff with just one log in huh?!


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