Don't miss a moment

Picture the scene. You're in front of the TV and noodling around on the internet on your iPhone. In front of you, your baby is playing. She stands up. Is she going to - take a step? You click your home button, click camera, switch to video mode... she's walking! You press record and, a second later, the iPhone starts capturing the moment... just as your baby sits back down.

All-too-feasible, huh? They say the best camera is the one you have on you, but if it takes thirty seconds to get the damn thing recording video, you might as well not have it at all. So we love the sound of the new iOS app Capture. It's an instant video recorder.

The first time you launch capture, it takes a few seconds to get going. But after that, it runs a little program in the background which lets it start recording as soon as you open in. Click the icon and within one second, without pressing any additional buttons, you're recording. 'It’s like having a dedicated video-record button on the home screen,' reports Wired. 'You’ll never miss a skateboarding dog ever again.'

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