Don't go

It's easy as a tech journalist to get bogged down in gadget after gadget, but tech is a business, and every gadget is made by a real company by real employees. And the better your employees, the better your products, so behind the scenes of the gadget-and-website battle there's a constant 'secret war' of companies trying to buy, borrow or steal their rivals' best people.

If you know which way the traffic of people is mostly going, you know who's winning. And right now, the traffic is all one-way - from Google to Facebook.

It's been reported for a while that Google has been making generous offers to employees who intend to leave for rivals. But it's Facebook that has been gobbling up the lion's share of ex-Googlers recently. So much so that the search giant has been going to extraordinary - read, crazy - lengths to keep them.

Google reportedly recently offered an engineer, who was preparing to leave for Facebook, $3.5 million in stock to stay. He said yes.

The story on TechCrunch contains another revelation - that Facebook is quietly telling potential employees that its stock valuation could reach $100 million in the next couple of years. That's another sign that Facebook knows it's riding high - which just makes it easier for it to recruit people. This is how domination happens...

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