Don't do it, Sony

Oh, Sony. Can you do nothing right?

They've only just cleared up the mess arising from the disastrous giant hack of the PlayStation Network in March, which led to the whole thing being shut down for three weeks. The Xperia Play, the much-touted 'PlayStation Phone', has had an unimpressive start with hardly any games available.

Much is riding on the NGP, the 'Next Generation Portable', sequel to Sony's long-selling PSP, which is due for release in 2012. So how can Sony mess this up? How about giving it a horrible name? Like, say, Vita?

That's right - Vita. PS Vita, to be exact. The dreadful name has been spotted on promotional materials for the E3 conference, where Sony is expected to show off the Vita next week. Now, credit to Sony for not just calling it the PSP-X 4000 or something, but Vita? It sounds like a macrobiotic yogurt.

Oh well. Sony has a knack for making millions despite itself. Perhaps a daft name won't doom the Vita. After all, at first we all laughed at the Wii...

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