Don't do it

Remember when 'new mail' meant someone had sent you a letter, and a mouse was a little white rodent? Soon we'll look back fondly at the days when to 'jailbreak' was to escape from prison.

Now, jailbreaking is the art of freeing your hardware from manufacturer restrictions. Pioneered on the Apple iPhone, it's now spreading to other platforms. An Australian company is selling 'modchips' for Playstation3 which, when installed, let users play 'homebrew' games, more importantly/immorally/worryingly for Sony, pirated games.

Looks great, huh? Well don't rush in: there's a downside. Apparently Sony can tell you've jailbroken your console and, if you log into the Playstation Network to play online, will promptly kick you off.

So ask yourself: are free games worth playing on your own forever?

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