Domain registration: things to be careful of

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Picking a domain name is becoming nearly as important as picking the company’s brand name but there are other factors over and above the name choice that you need to be aware of. If you’re mindful of the following, you should end up with a website that’s a cut above your rivals.

Location name

If it’s appropriate, a location name should be within your domain name. That will help your site’s SEO. If you’re a nationally based firm who don’t want to be linked to one area of the country, why not include the type of work you carry out as this is another keyword that users will be entering into their search engine.

Register yourself as the owner

Make sure that whoever is registering the domain does so under the business owner’s name. This makes you the domain owner and the administrative contact for the site. If your business is a partnership, list both parties as shared owners.

Renew your domain name registration

Missing a renewal deadline can deal a crippling blow to your firm. If a lot of your business comes through the web and you don’t renew, you could lose contact with your clients. Even if the website is just a way of spreading your brand message, you’ll be throwing a lot of hard work away if you don’t keep renewing it.

Dashes and abbreviations

Using dashes and abbreviations in your domain name is something you should avoid. If you want traffic to grow, you’ll be relying on word of mouth. If your site’s easy to remember because there are no dashes and abbreviations, people will pass it onto others.

Domain registration

To get a domain name you’ll need to use a domain registration firm. There’s lots of choice out there for domain registration but as 1and1 gives you your first one for free including .co.uk, .me.uk or .org.uk top level domains (TLDs), they’re a firm who should be looked into first. Another firm worth looking at is Go Daddy, although they’re probably more focused on the American market.

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