What to keep in mind when choosing domain names

Choosing the right domain names is the first step in building a website. The purpose of domain names is to pinpoint your location on the net to web surfers. They serve as your internet addresses and are the URLs (uniform resource locator) of your sites. Your domain name should look like this on your web browsers: the domain name and its extension file.

Dos and don'ts

1. Select a name that is easy to remember and attractive. Your domain name should make sense and relate to the topic you are discussing on a site or a product or service that you are selling.

2. Don't go for long names as people will have a hard time remembering your website address. While domain names can have as much as 60 characters, shorter is better.

3. Avoid using special characters in your domain name such as numbers or a dash (_). It is much faster to type the words of the address than keying extra characters.

4. The file extension of the URL is also vital. Often, there are domain names that are the same but with a different extension such as .org, .com, .net or even the abbreviation of a country.

5. Check that your domain name has no duplicate on the web. In such a situation, you are likely to lose visitor traffic to your website so it is important to verify that there are no similar ones. This way, visitors land on your website and not on another site.

6. Go for generic names as much as possible but not too generic that there is no chance your registration will go through. Use keywords in your domain names related to your brand or service.

7. Register your domain name with a reputable host server to make sure that is unique and belongs to you. The sign-up process is quite quick and you can choose from several domain sellers at different prices. Approval time is also short, from a few hours to days. Other domain sellers even allot domain names instantly as soon as you have paid for them.

Keep in mind

Domain names are vital in the overall process of web site building. Keep it simple yet appealing. Register and renew your domain names so that they are legally yours. Select domain names that are unique to your brand, company, product or service because they are key to building and driving traffic to your site.

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