Does wearing red mean more success on the pitch?

Why are Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal the most successful teams in England? Because they've got loads of money? The best scouting system? The best youth policy? Well, new research suggests that they could owe part of their success to the colour of their shirts.

Sounds like a load of rubbish? Au contraire, according to the boffins over at the University of Plymouth and Durham University, who have concluded that wearing red gives football teams an advantage due to a subconscious biological response to the colour.

The eggheads analysed league results in England since WW2 and the colour of the shirts that the different teams wore. It seems that "over time supporters may have been subconsciously more attracted to a club wearing red, so the club has developed an increasing resource base within its community." Okay, we're with you.

"Secondly, there may be a positive psychological boost from wearing red, or being associated with a red team, that is reflected on the field of play. Competing against a team in red could also impair performance." Hmm, well at least it'll buy Kevin Keegan a few more days of employment.

As you have probably guessed by now this theory isn't exactly watertight. This point is confirmed by Dr Russell Hill from Durham University: "It is certainly true that the influx of wealthy foreign owners has changed the resources available to some teams and this should result in increased success, regardless of their shirt colour."

Thanks for that Doc. So sadly it seems that wearing an all red kit to the work kickabout won't have a Billy's Boots style effect after all. Oh well.

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