Dodgy dealings?

Isn't August supposed to be a slow news month? Not in tech-world, it seems. In the last couple of weeks we've had the news that Nintendo has had to slash the price of its new 3DS to boost flagging sales; we had yesterday's bombshell that Google were buying Motorola; and last week, the shock news that Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 was to be taken off shelves across Europe after a patent claim in a German court by Apple.

Now, that last story has taken a fascinating turn. A tech blog from the Netherlands did some sleuthing and looked through the filing made to the courts by Apple's lawyers requesting the Tab be removed from sale. They found a picture, central to Apple's case, which purported to show the iPad and Tab to be 'virtually identical.'

There's just one problem: the picture is doctored. It shows the Tab to be roughly the same width and height as the iPad, when really it's narrower and taller. It shows it in portrait orientation, when really the Tab is designed to be used in landscape. And it removes the word 'Samsung' from the front of the device.

It seems, therefore, that Apple - or Apple's lawyers - adjusted a picture of the Tab to make it look as much like the iPad 2 as possible, in order to argue that Samsung copied Apple's design.

There's no word as yet on what this means for the case, but it surely increases the chances of Samsung getting the Tab back on sale soon - and could potentially see Apple in trouble for falsifying evidence...

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