Doctor Wii

Doctor Who fans: if you own a Wii, be prepared for a likely quite lame tie-in game with your favourite shape-shifting Time Lord. The BBC and Nintendo have agreed a deal said to be worth over £10million for the rights to make it.

The game, in which the new Who played by Matt Smith will star, could be in the shops as early as Christmas, meaning that it could very well be a complete rush job. Still fingers crossed we get to see more of Billie Piper eh? EH? We won’t? Oh well. That said, you’ll also get the usual Who baddies, like the Daleks, Cybermen, Silurians and all the rest.

‘This has been in the pipeline for years,’ said an unspecified insider to The Sun. ‘We're delighted to have finally nailed down a deal. We went with Nintendo as they have huge appeal for families and Doctor Who is very much a family brand. The Wii console is key for us as it's something families play together.

‘BBC Worldwide, which licenses BBC shows, has been trying to find some way of doing it. But you can't have Doctor Who blowing things to bits with a laser gun. That would massively change the nature of the show.’

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