Looking at iPod docking stations?

Thinking about picking up a docking station? If you've got an iPod then you could transform your home listening experience by picking yourself up one of these brilliant gadgets.

The right docking station is a brilliant addition to any home. If you've got an iPod it's the only thing you'll need around the home as CDs grow ever more obsolete. The only difficult choice now is weighing up which one to pick up.

We've rounded up three excellent docking stations that will bring the very best out of any music collection. They also won't break the bank, as some docking stations can!

Our first suggestion is the excellent Logitech Audiostation Express. This gorgeous design fits in with the classic design of the iPod and includes some great extras such as a padded case, wireless remote, and in-line cable. It's perfect for smaller rooms, but can show its limits at higher volumes, so bear that in mind. It is a brilliant cheap suggestion though.

Our next suggestion is its bigger brother, the Logitech Audiostation. This model has far more features, punching in with an AM/FM tuner, a clock, and composite and S-Video outputs for displaying videos on television. The sound quality is stunning, and this is the model to go for if you like to turn the volume way up!

Our last favourite is the Altec Lansing inMotion Classic. This is an iPod and iPhone compatible model that packs a radio and remote control on board. It also carries a powerful sound that belies it's small stature!

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