Why not pick up a docking station at Dunnes?

Looking to pick up a bargain Docking Station for your iPod? If you're living in Ireland, have you considered buying a docking station at Dunnes, it could save you a fortune!

Dunnes are one of, if not the biggest name in Irish retailing. For years they have provided groceries and clothing at low prices, and lately they've been expanding into electronics, selling quality products at their usual low prices.

Not many people are aware of it yet, but Dunnes Stores now stock, PCs, laptops, printers, televisions, DVDs and CDs. They are devoting ever expanding amounts of floor space to these products in their stores, and the big winner here is the consumer.

Dunnes deliver these savings by not stocking the main brands, instead focusing on newer and cheaper brands. They have a vast, and ever changing, range of iPod Docking Stations in store, and we recommend paying a visit to one of their larger shops to check it out, as unfortunately they don't keep their inventory online, so it's not possible to see which products they have in stock at the time.

Dunnes also periodically over massive savings on their electrical products through their Clubcard program, with customers offered 10% or so of the purchase price back in Clubcard points, so it's worth checking at the time to see if any of these promotions are on.

In reaction to Dunnes stocking these items, Tesco have also started stocking similar, so make sure and check out both stores for bargains!


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