Dock in the house

Whisper it, but we - along with the rest of the tech blogosphere - might have got slightly the wrong end of the stick with one of our stories yesterday.

We told you about Motorola's new Atrix phone, shown off yesterday at the CES conference in Las Vegas. We told you that it has a crazy accessory, a dock which plugs into a laptop and, when you plug the phone into it, lets the phone take over the laptop's screen and keyboard.

It turns out that's not quite right. Actually, the dock is the laptop.

Yes, you heard us right. The Atrix in fact comes with two crazy docking accessories. For those who like working at a desk, there's a desktop dock, a small little widget into which you can plug a mouse, keyboard and monitor. Or, for those who like to work on the sofa, there's the laptop dock, which is literally a laptop without internals which the phone plugs into and takes over the screen, keyboard and trackpad of.

It may sound a bit mental, but apparently the software makes it work really well. The specially-made 'WebTop' app lets the phone work in the docks as pretty much a full computer, with a proper user interface with windows (not Windows the operating system, just moveable windows for your programs).

All you can access is the Firefox web browser (the full version, not a mobile version) and a file manager, but that's plenty for most people. And if you want to run your Android applications on the big screen, you can open up a phone window and have big-screen Angry Birds (yes!).

We're not explaining it very well, but it's very, very impressive, so we'd recommend you take the time to nip over to Engadget and watch the video. We think if it's cheap enough, the laptop dock in particular could sell like hotcakes.

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