Wow. The big question the whole technology industry is grappling with this year is: can anyone compete with the iPad? HP, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, LG, Motorola... all the big players in hardware and software are desperate for the answer to be yes.

But what if the answer is.... no? What if this new sector of the PC market, the tablet, which is expected to basically be the entire PC market in a few years' time, just remains completely dominated by one company - the one which takes a 30% cut from every app and content purchase on the device?

It's possible. It might even be likely. The current great white hope of the anti-Apple forces, the Motorola Xoom tablet, isn't selling well. Analysts reckon it needs to be much cheaper or Motorola will have to cut back its production plans.

And that's not all that analysts (people who are paid a lot of money to make accurate predictions about the PC market) reckon. A report by JPMorgan that's been leaked this week predicts that all non-Apple tablets are basically going to be left 'sitting on the store shelves as folks decide en masse that the iPad is the way to go.'

This is upsetting for anyone who wants to see an open PC market. But it also shows just how superior the iPad 2 seems to be. Eventually, we guess its rivals will catch up. But it could take a few years...

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