Do the Senior Management Rap

Senior managers at Singapore’s media regulator have had a surprise YouTube hit with a rap describing their job – in some depth. The Singapore Media Development Authority (SMDA) staff rap enthusiastically about content licensing, HDTV and boosting the Singaporean media industry.

Most are dressed in suits, but the Chief Information Officer at one point appears in a superhero’s cape to deliver the deathless lines:

“They call me the HDTV guy
My tasks include internal systems integration
HRFIS, PMP to iTrax
Please stay tuned, next up is Channel X!”

All those involved seem to be having a fine old time, with fantastically street hand signals and an all-together-now chorus of “Get creative, can do, rock on!”

It’s in the grand tradition of the corporate anthem, which has a long and inglorious history: from PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ Your world, Our People , through KPMG’s Vision of Global Strategy. At least the SMDA seem to be having a laugh: for some truly pompous awfulness, check out Mother Jones’ survey of the best anthems.

(Image: from YouTube)

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