DLD 2012 Munich: Hilary Mason and the cult of data

Hilary Mason works as Chief Scientist at Bit.ly, but in her spare time she is a passionate public data hacker. That's why Mayor Michael Bloomberg hired her as an advisor in his technology council. Yesterday I met her at the DLD Conference in Munich and I caught the opportunity to ask a couple of questions about what she does. In the video below she explains the cult of data.

"I believe it is our responsibility to spend time in intellectual energy to build things that make the world a better place for humanity," says Hilary. How? Using data to make people's lives more interesting. Hilary was a panellist at the debate on Smart Cities that struck me the other day. This is her definition of smart city: People in a space. A space full of information that should be used to make decisions that help us enjoy our cities.

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