If you needed proof that iPhone apps have basically replaced both computers and the internet as our everyday source of information, this should convince you. The latest hot iPhone app advises couples on whether they should get a divorce.

Yes, you read that right. The pleasingly literally-named Divorce? app asks a series of questions to help people decide if splitting really is for them. 'The purpose of Divorce? is to make people really think through their decision. It allows couples to have their eyes open before embarking on the formal stages of the process and spending money on legal fees,' lawyer and co-creator Peter Martin (never trust a man with two first names, kids) told the Guardian.

'People don't always think through the actual implications of divorce and this app makes them do that from the moment they start contemplating the idea. It might hopefully even encourage some people not to give up on their marriage so easily and try to work things out.'

Family campaigner types are predictably outraged. 'This app disregards the sanctity of marriage by reducing it to mere monetary concerns. It could encourage divorce by normalising the decision, making it seem as easy to make as any other lifestyle choice,' noted crazy person Stephen Green of Christian Voice said.

What do you think, readers? We think the Affair? app would be frankly more interesting.

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