Disney Infinity: a review

If you are a big fan of the Disney Universe and the various characters that reside there then you are in for a massive treat with the release of Disney Infinity. Disney intend to revolutionise the gaming sector with the advent of Disney Infinity and they have enough titles and expandables to ensure that this could very well happen.

Get Yourself Ready for the World of Disney

Disney Infinity ships with the mantra Infinite Possibilities, Endless Fun and it is clear to us that they mean this in a literal sense. You can put characters like Captain Jack Sparrow and Wreck It Ralph in the same game. Or how about matching Woody from Toy Story with Sully from Monsters Inc. The options really are limitless!

Disney Infinity is being marketed in a way that it can reach as much of the market as possible. This is in clear contrast to other games that focus on exclusive deals with certain consoles for a certain period of time before releasing on rival consoles. With Infinity you can play via your console in your living room whether that be an XBox, Playstation, Wii or your DS. You can also play online on your PC or Mac and you can even play on an iPad which gives you more options as to when and where you get lost in the Disney universe.

To get started everyone will need to purchase a Disney Infinity Starter Pack which will include the video game, 3 Disney figures, 3 play sets that create unique worlds, a Disney Infinity Base and your unique webcode for online play. The base plugs into your console via USB cable and it is into this base that you will connect your 2 chosen Disney characters to get up to some mischief together.

Endless Developments and Releases

Disney Infinity launched at the end of August and there are more characters and play sets coming on stream regularly for the forseeable future. Expect new worlds like Wreck it Ralph and Toy Story to be available very shortly as well as Rapunzel, Frozen and Disney's most iconic character ever, Mickey Mouse.

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