Where can you find discount PS3 consoles?

If you have been thinking long and hard of shelling out for a Playstation 3 console then there has literally never been a better time to invest in one of these powerful consoles! A successor is still years away, yet the console has enjoyed a number of large cuts in price. In this blog, we are going to point you in the direction of sites offering the best deal on discount PS3 consoles right now.

The best bargains on the Playstation 3 are easily to be found online, and the best price we were able to find was on retailer Play.com and their excellent site. They currently have the Playstation 3 for an unbelievable price of just £79.99 for the 60 Gb model. You don't get any games with this, just one controller, and it is the old large PS3 model. They offer the new PS3 Slim console with a 320 GB Hard Drive and Playstation Move accessory for £268 right now.

Next we recommend checking out the deals on offer from Game at www.game.co.uk. Game are one of the biggest retailers of the PS3 on the High Street, but they reserve their best deals for their site. They are offering the brand new Playstation 3 Slim console and Gran Turismo 5 for a super cheap price of just £249.99.

Finally, Amazon.co.uk are offering the console in its 120 GB Slim itineration for just £159 representing a pretty massive bargain. They also offer the opportunity to purchase used consoles if you fancy going even cheaper.

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